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Pizza System: the only comprehensive system able to simplify business

Our long experience has allowed us to meet the market needs by developing our "Pizza System": a totally integrated programme consisting of equipment for pizza restaurants, able to automize the whole production process, from basic ingredients to ready-to-eat pizza.
This system rigorously keeps up with tradition, it also keeps the food organoleptic properties: a real technological evolution able to respect Mediterranean dietary habits.
An exclusive solution which also includes consulting service related to planning as well as economic & administrative management of outlets or pizza restaurant chains.

An automatic system which does not forget tradition
Oem plans and manufactures all equipment needed to develop the whole pizza production process in its own factory and premises, which cover a surface equal to 16,000 sq.m.
The system consists of:
  • Spiral kneading machines, with fixed or folding head and extractable bowl
  • Dough dividers & rounders, also available as one machine giving portions from 50 to 800 grs
  • Hot formers (Pressform),, to prepare circular dough bases having a diameter from 30 to 50 cms
  • Food preparation machines (
  • Gastronomic & pizza ovens with electric or gas functioning - wide range
  • Small ovens, Professional single-block ovens, Electric & modular ovens, Gas ovens, Static tunnel type ovens, Ventilated tunnel type ovens (electric or gas functioning).

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Reg.Imp. di Milano 00872030150 - P.Iva 00872030150 - Cap.soc. € 51.000.000,00 i.v.
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