Grazie al sistema brevettato di controllo remoto TEOREMA, i forni elettrici SUPERTOP, SUPERTOP VARIO e DOME hanno le caratteristiche per godere del credito di imposta del 20% previsto dal decreto INDUSTRIA 4.0, se acquistati entro il 31 Dicembre 2023.

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from mixing to baking.


4 reasons to choose Pizza Hub

Pizza is our speciality. From mixing to baking, our vast range of products will facilitate your task at every stage of the process. Thanks to Pizza Hub you are guaranteed:



Simplifies every stage of your work (mixing, dividing, shaping, baking)



Ensures results of the highest quality



Helps cut costs and eliminate waste



Has your well-being at heart

“Besides being pizza oven manufacturers, we can also offer all the know-how needed to bake an excellent pizza in every corner of the world”

Interested in opening a pizzeria or installing an oven on your premises?

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We are always by your side with a service network in Italy and abroad. For every type of assistance please call +39 0376 910533


Oem at the Università dei Sapori

We have a longstanding relationship with several Italian and foreign culinary schools responsible for producing the next generation of pizza chefs. At the Università dei Sapori in Perugia students learn the art of pizza making using our products.

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Pizza without frontiers

From Uzbekistan to China and from Algeria all the way to Colombia, Oem products spread the Italian pizza culture and tradition throughout the world.

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