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Your work requires talent. You’re a pizza artist, but also a businessman. We work alongside you in order to enhance the taste of your pizzas and make your business more efficient.

Whether you're looking to start a new business or extend your customer base, we can help turn your plans into reality. Come to our showroom and try out our products, together we can create a custom solution.

Pizza is our speciality. From mixing to baking, our vast range of products will facilitate your task at every stage of the process.

We are with you all over the world. We know the secrets of pizza and its various methods of preparation. With our products you can make it your way according to your country’s own tastes.

We are part of the Ali Group, the world's leading catering equipment manufacturer. Our range extends from refrigerators and dishwashers to coffee and ice machines, we offer everything you need to complete your kitchen.



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Oem is founded in Bozzolo on the outskirts of Mantova. Our manufacturing facilities, offices and product showroom are located here.

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Our ovens are complemented by dough mixers, dividers and presses. Our product range is the most comprehensive on the market as it guides you through each individual stage from preparation to baking.



We become a member of the Ali Group, the world’s leading catering equipment manufacturer. A great opportunity to create powerful business synergies and obtain a huge wealth of experience.

Ali Group

What about the future?

Our mission
is unchanged.

We want to continue improving our products in order to enhance the taste and unique characteristics of your pizza.

Our team

Welcome to Oem! We do all we can to make you feel at home. We give you a warm reception with a view to meeting all your requirements. We are a close-knit team of professionals sharing a passion for pizza and doing the job properly.

Our designers, engineers, managers, quality experts, salesmen, order processors and service staff are all ready to help find the ideal solution for your own particular needs.


Our values


This is out strongpoint. Our products are solidly-built and indestructible. You can always count on us and our support. We are by your side at all times.


We place great value on the know-how we have acquired over the years and learn a great deal from our customers' experiences. We know the Italian art of pizza, but also the various ways it is enjoyed around the world.


We love the authenticity of the products and also of our relationships. We establish clear, transparent relationships with our partners and customers. We try to make everything simpler for you: simple choice, simple use, simple support.

Passion and warmth

The energy and warmth you find in our ovens mirrors what we put into our work. We feel involved in everything that concerns you and are on hand to offer our expertise and numerous services.


The real secret is never to rest on one's laurels. To offer your business the best at all times we continue to invest in research, innovation and new services. We are flexible and ready to meet your every request.


Everything we do, our research projects and day-to-day business are always conducted in a manner that demonstrates our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Our partners

Continuous improvement requires curiosity.

Continuous improvement requires curiosity. Our interest in your world is such that we study, experiment and consult with experts who can assist us in making the most of your business.

We work with important flour mills in order to have an in-depth knowledge of raw material quality and yield. From special flours, stone-ground or prepared with an assortment of cereals, to wholemeal or gluten-free, we have the right product to create and bake every kind of dough to perfection.

We compare notes with topping manufacturers in order to understand how mozzarella, tomato sauce and all the other ingredients can enhance the taste of your pizza.

We have teamed up with numerous pizza chef academies the world over in order to explore flavours and local traditions, understand the needs of the pizza maker and keep abreast of the most recent culinary trends.

We have competent technical partners who help us to innovate our products and use the most suitable materials.

Ali Group

At your side with the strength of a great group

Ali Group is one of the world’s biggest names in the hospitality and professional catering sector. The Group was founded in Italy in 1963, but many of its members boast more than a century of history and are amongst the market’s most recognised and esteemed brands.

Ali Group designs, manufacturers and markets an extensive range of catering equipment. With 58 manufacturing sites, more than 10,000 employees in 29 countries and 76 brands, it operates in almost every segment of the market: from meal cooking and distribution, bread-making and confectionery to dishwashers, refrigerators, ice cream, ice and coffee machines.

Ongoing investment in research and development allows us to offer sturdy, innovative, environmentally-friendly products providing the perfect solution to the needs of major hotel and restaurant chains, as well as hospitals, schools, airports, staff canteens and prisons.

Ali Group