From mixing to baking.
An all-round art!

Need a helping hand in your pizzeria? An assistant that facilitates your work so you can concentrate on the art of making pizza? Give us a call, we offer a complete range of products than can help you throughout the entire process. All are designed to create a bespoke work area where you can unleash your own personal inventiveness.

Our production stages

Phase 01

Mixing the dough

What products can we offer you?

Spiral mixers

What do they do?

They quickly create an optimal dough mixture with a good oxygen level at the right temperature. You can choose various models with capacity ranging from 18 to 60 kg.

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Phase 02

Dividing and rounding

What products can we offer you?

Dough dividers and rounders, including combo units.

What do they do?

They prepare smooth, even dough balls weighing from 50 to 300 g. You can produce from 800 up to 1200 balls per hour!

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Phase 03

Preparing the base

What products can we offer you?

Hot presses

What do they do?

They prepare perfect bases with or without a raised edge, diameters ranging from 33 to 50 cm. You can make up to 300 pizzas per hour.

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Phase 04


What products can we offer you?

Vegetable slicers and mozzarella slicers.

What do they do?

Allow fast and precise preparation and slicing of all your topping ingredients. Output of up to 400 kg of product per hour.

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Phase 05


What products can we offer you?

Small, medium and large ovens; deck ovens: single unit or modular; electric or gas. Tunnel ovens: single unit or modular; static electric - fan-forced electric or gas.

What do they do?

Will bake to perfection every type of pizza of any shape and size (round, sheet, classic, rectangular). You can make up to 270 pizzas per hour.

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Pizza Hub

  • Because it facilitates your work.

    We'll guide you effortlessly through every stage of preparation with innovative, user-friendly products.

  • Because it ensures results of the highest quality.

    We have perfected a wide range of products to enhance the taste and organoleptic properties of your pizza.

  • Because it helps you to cut costs.

    Using Pizza Hub you cut processing times and eliminate waste because we help rationalise your production.

  • Because it has your well-being at heart.

    Ergonomics is the driving force behind the design and development of all our products. We want to make your work comfortable and free from health risks. 

You can count on

Technology and tradition

Our leading-edge products will help enhance your pizza’s flavour, aroma and nutritional properties.

Inventiveness and rationality

Make room for creativity! With our wide range of products you can turn your full attention to the art of pizza, we'll take care of everything else. Pizza Hub helps you organise and rationalise production.

Quantity and quality

Think big. We will help you process large quantities whilst maintaining excellent results.

Name your pizza

and obtain your ideal pizzeria.

What sort of premises do you have in mind? What type of pizza do you want to offer? We can devise a bespoke solution based on your needs and available capital.

Drawing on their long experience, our experts can help you design your pizzeria. Call us for advice, request a complete solution and even design the layout of the premises.

We can offer you all the marketing, technical and administrative support needed to realize the project you have in mind.

Pizza corner

Type: Pizza Corner
Area of the premises: 15 mq

OUTPUT (estimated average hourly)


twin deck oven:

n° 100 pizzas/hour (Ø 30 cm)

n° 8 trays/hour (60x40 cm)

Pizza, pasta & gelato

Type: Pizza, pasta & gelato
Area of the premises: 200 mq

OUTPUT (estimated average hourly)


triple-deck oven:

n° 270 pizzas/hour (Ø 35 cm)

n° 72 pizzas/hour (Ø 45 cm)

n° 48 trays/hour (60x40 cm)

Pizza manufacturing unit

Type: Pizza manufacturing unit
Area of the premises: 400mq

OUTPUT (estimated average hourly)


2 twin-deck ovens:

n° 420 pizzas/hour (Ø 30-35 cm)

n° 160 pizzas/hour (Ø 45-50 cm)

By-the-slice & takeaway pizzeria

Type: By-the-slice & takeaway pizzeria
Area of the premises: 100 mq

OUTPUT (estimated average hourly)


twin-deck oven:

n° 180 pizzas/hour (Ø 35 cm)

n° 48 pizzas/hour (Ø 45 cm)

n° 32 teglias/hour (60x40 cm)

Classic pizzeria

Type: Classic pizzeria
Area of the premises: 400 mq

OUTPUT (estimated average hourly)


twin-deck oven:

n° 120 pizzas/hour (Ø 30-35 cm)

n° 60 pizzas/hour (Ø 45-50 cm)

Do you want to open a brand new pizzeria

or extend your existing premises?

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We supply all the ingredients, including training.

We don’t just offer verbal assistance, but also invite you to our showroom to see our products and try them with your own hands.

Bring your dough along and tell us what type of pizza you desire. With the help of our experts we’ll figure out the very best conditions for making the most of your recipe. We can recommend the most suitable product and work together in order to perfect baking techniques.

We organise regular training courses in order to obtain the most from our products and help you to start or expand your business.

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We offer you

an excellent service

Following installation, our engineers will be on hand to conduct a comprehensive site acceptance test.

You can try out our products, preparing pizza according to your own recipe. A proper simulation to ensure that everything is working perfectly and the result meets your highest expectations.

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