Electric rotary pizzeria oven - Max Temp. 530°C

Pizza on the move with adjustable speed!



How can Helios help you?

  • Perfect all-round baking

    The rotary plate guarantees effective, even baking.

  • Good performance

    Bakes up to 70 pizzas per hour with reduced energy consumption. The oven’s rotary movement will attract your customers’ attention.

  • User friendly

    There is no need to move the pizza whilst it is baking.

  • Recessed solution

    The special shape of the front panel allows it to be recessed in the wall (useful where space is at a premium or you want to hide the oven’s internal structure).

  • Corner option

    Special side pieces means it can be positioned in a corner.

  • Customisable

    Other COLOR available on demand.

Eye-catching design and special chamber (truncated prism) for optimum heat distribution and maximum heat output. The rotary baking surface is made from refractory material guaranteeing optimum heat retention.

Control panel

  • Temperature control

  • Separate roof and bedplate power settings

  • Speed and direction of rotation settings

  • Also includes on/off switch and interior light

  • Fitted with emergency stop (mushroom button)


77 in one hour 7 pizzas ø 30
40 in one hour 4 pizzas ø 40
60 in one hour 5 pizzas ø 35
24 in one hour 3 pizzas ø 45

Ideal for:

  • small pizzerias

  • staff canteens

  • diners and restaurants with a pizza corner

Helios 530