SuperTop VARIO

Modular electric pizza oven with 40 cm modular chamber (single, twin and triple deck).

Top power: quick to reach set temperature
Outstanding recovery time - Great energy efficiency



How can SuperTop VARIO help you?

  • Max temperature 450°C

  • Available in the version with STEAMER

  • Baking floor in 19 mm dimpled refractory brick

    Steel baking chamber with refractory bricked side panels (left, right and bottom)

  • Weekly scheduled start-up (twice daily)

    Self-cleaning function

  • Stainless steel front, door and handle

    Double-glazed door with high seal

    Door seal for safe and silent stop

  • Crumb container

  • High-sealing ceramic fibre and eco rock wool insulation

  • Electric-manual and automatic exhaust valves for baking vapour and fume

    Motorised exhaust system for fumes and baking vapours

  • Chamber size for pizzas with a diameter of 40 cm and trays 40 x 60 cm


Round Pizza, Pizza on wooden shovel, Pizza in baking tray, Focaccia, Bread + 3 free programs (each program has 3 levels of intensity of work)


SCROLL & CLICK PANEL - Control panel with LCD screen with color TFT technology.

INTELLIGENT POWER MANAGEMENT - During intense use phases it contrasts the temperature drop by automatically adjusting the radiation of the heating elements.

MODULAR IRRADIATION TECHNOLOGY - Variable and independent modulation system of the 6-heating element power (3 of ceiling and 3 of floor) to obtain performances and baking-uniformity.

SMART STAND-BY - Automatic maintenance of the set temperature. Secondary systems that absorb and disperse energy are automatically excluded.

QUICK & SMART START - It speeds up the set temperature by avoiding uncontrolled temperature increase.

SMART SHARE - USB input and REMOTE SYSTEM to import and export data, images, software and to download the oven operating history (LOG).

PARTIALIZE ENERGY SYSTEM - Max. absorption limiter at 3 levels.

SELF DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM - Constant self-diagnosis of the CPU.

OPTIMUS AIR-FLOW SYSTEM - The integrated aspiration in every chamber optimizes the baking, helps to contain the temperature of the front and ensures the correct ventilation of the control panel and lighting system.

    Ideal for:

    • pizzerias

    • take-away pizzerias

    • restaurants with a pizza corner

    SuperTop VARIO