Modular electric pizzeria oven with 35 cm modular chamber (single, twin and triple deck)

Top power for an extraordinary baking performance



How can SuperTop help you?

  • Temperatures of up to 450°

    Its power ensures an extraordinary baking performance. Built entirely in AISI 430 stainless steel, it bakes and browns the product to perfection.

  • High output

    Perfect for high-output. The largest model will bake simultaneously 9 pizzas of dia. 35 cm, 4 pizzas of dia. 45 cm or 4 trays (60 x 40 cm).

  • Control over power and consumption

    A microprocessor controls 6 different baking zones (3 top and 3 bottom). It also incorporates an air-recirculation heat recovery system which optimizes energy consumption.

  • User-friendly and bespoke baking

    A simple, intuitive interface lets you choose among 3 different baking programmes or set the baking parameters you prefer. Also features automatic switch on and self cleaning functions.

  • Good modularity

    Available in 4 different sizes in single-deck, twin-deck and triple-deck versions.

  • Excellent draught

    The integrated hood on top of each baking chamber ensures good extraction of the baking fumes, whilst the chimney can be automatically or manually adjusted.

  • Perfect intake

    Its system removes moisture by means of vacuum, preventing residual accumulation on the extractor fans.

  • Totally frontal maintenance

    All maintenance is carried out frontally since the front panel and baking surface are fully removable.

  • Stylish and highly versatile

    It will perfectly suit the style of your premises since the stainless-steel front panel is available in several different colours.

Essential design and high technology for a real top oven offering the best technical specifications and performances. With 6 different baking zones it guarantees a perfectly baked pizza, reducing the operator’s intervention to a minimum.

Digital controls

The easily-accessible and extremely- intuitive control panel lets you handle everything effortlessly. The temperature is visible at all times on the large display, whilst a simple scroller knob allows you to decide the baking parameters and check all the settings. Furthermore, the twice-daily automatic switch on system allows you to schedule your work and save energy.

    Performance (mod. 935/1)

    24 in one hour 4 pizzas ø 45
    90 in one hour 9 pizzas ø 35
    16 in one hour 4 trays 60x40

    Ideal for:

    • pizzerias

    • take-away pizzerias

    • restaurants with a pizza corner