Single-deck gas oven

All the power of gas for pizzas as if baked in a wood-fired oven!



How can Voltaire help you?

  • Crispy pizza as if baked in a wood-fired oven

    The build specifications mean that the special baking chamber produces crispy pizzas just like those baked in wood-fired oven, but without the problems of smoke, microorganisms, excess moisture and burning.

  • Swift, impeccable baking

    The special top infrared burners mean that you also have a real flame in the chamber pointing downwards and guaranteeing effective, even baking.

  • Very high output

    Being so large, it can bake several pizzas simultaneously (e.g. 9 pizzas of dia. 35 mm). Its power and excellent insulation ensure very quick baking times.

  • Lower consumption

    The excellent insulation and lateral heat recovery keep temperature constant and reduces costs. Separate roof/bedplate temperature settings optimise heat distribution and reduce energy consumption.

  • Stylish and highly versatile

    Available in several versions (classic, modern and traditional) and colour finishes (paint or mosaic tiles), they blend in perfectly with the style of any premises.

  • Can reach 500 °C for a wonderful Neapolitan pizza

The exclusive design makes it similar to a traditional wood-fired oven but with clean, even baking. User friendly: requires less effort than a wood-fired oven whilst offering greater hygiene.

Wood Oven Gas oven

Human intervention         Temperature

Voltaire can be fuelled by any type of gas (LPG, liquid propane, natural gas, etc.) and once the oven is ready it will bake your pizza in 3 minutes.


140 in one hour 12 pizzas ø 30
45 in one hour 5 pizzas ø 45
100 in one hour 9 pizzas ø 35
25 in one hour 5 trays 60x40

Ideal for:

  • very busy pizzerias


  • * OEM has been backed by IMQ to carry out the CE/CB tests on the following product: Voltaire; IMQ is the Italian leading Company in Europe in the activity for conformity evaluation - www.imq.it