Henergo HV 75 G

Fan-assisted gas tunnel oven

Fan-assisted oven: high performance with low consumption!



  • Electric version also available

How can Henergo HV 75 G help you?

  • High output

    Forced air circulation ensures an average output of 110 pizzas/hour of diameter 30-35 cm.

  • Baked to perfection

    You can achieve even baking thanks to air diffusers designed to guarantee the correct air flow.

  • User friendly

    User friendly even for inexperienced staff, it offers customisable baking programmes.

  • Highly versatile

    Suitable for baking pizza and other gourmet specialities.

  • Savings

    Heat recovery system with recirculating hoods.

The Henergo HV 75 G tunnel oven is perfect for baking pizza and other gourmet specialities.

The high-efficiency, self-regulating atmospheric burner and chamber’s integrated heat exchangers ensure baking with “clean” air at all times.

The belt, width 75 cm, is made from special stainless-steel mesh for baking directly on the surface or with mesh screens, pans, sheets (according to product consistency and type of processing). In order to increase output, you can stack one additional deck whilst maintaining good ergonomics.

Control panel

Besides the standard temperature and belt-speed settings and controls, it also features innovative special functions:

  • ECONOMY for energy saving with no loss of output

  • AUTO-CLEAN for effortless automatic cleaning

  • BELT CONTROL in order to set a suitable belt speed for the type of baking

  • MEMORY in order to store up to 3 baking programmes

  • DEFROST for hassle-free thawing of your products

Performance (mod. HV75/2 Gas)

86 in one hour 1 pizza ø 45
220 in one hour 2 pizzas ø 35
42 in one hour 1 tray 60x40

Ideal for:

  • very busy pizzerias, in shopping centres and high passing trade areas

  • quick service restaurants