BM2 dough divider
BM2AS dough divider + rounder
AST countertop dough rounder

Are you looking for a fast, user-friendly way of preparing the dough balls for your pizzas? Our machines can help you with dividing and rounding. We even have an appliance that will do both things at the same time!

How can they help you with your work?

  • Producing dough balls of different sizes

    From 50 up to 300 g (using the special extrusion cones to divide into balls and complementary rounding cups)

  • Round, smooth compact dough balls

    Uniform size, compact shape, airtight.

  • No waste

    High scaling accuracy (tolerance +/- 5%). This means you can retrieve all scraps and mix again.

  • High output

    High hourly output (from 800 up to 1200 dough balls per hour)

  • Extremely user friendly

    After setting the machine it operates automatically according to your specifications without the need for further intervention.

  • Health friendly

    Their use will prevent you from developing occupational diseases such as arthritis of the shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Reduced footprint

    Compact and space saving, you can put them in any premises from the traditional pizzeria to artisan or industrial manufacturing units.

  • Easy cleaning

    Made from 100% stainless steel, the inside of the machine can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge, whilst the attachments, such as the spiral and blade, are fully removable and dishwashable. The aluminium cones can be hand-washed, whilst cups and disks should be wiped with a damp cloth. To speed up this operation we recommend cleaning the machine straight after use.


BM2AS dough divider + rounder

Two functions in a single model: BM2AS automatically divides the pizza dough into portions and rounds them into balls. You can introduce up to 30-32 kg of dough and obtain perfectly round balls with high weight accuracy. Its very high output allows you to schedule your tasks: making daily batches of dough is not necessary and you can refrigerate balls for the fermentation and leavening processes.

BM2 dough divider

You can load up to 30-32 kg of dough and set the weight of the ball (from 50 to 300 g) by choosing selecting the appropriate cone. The hourly output is very high: up to 1200 × 50 g pieces per hour. It is also very useful for dividing the dough used to make flatbread wraps.

AST countertop dough rounder

Rounds off the pieces of dough according to the required weight (from 50 to 300 g), guaranteeing a round, compact ball. Small and compact, it can be placed anywhere and is very user friendly: our rounder greatly aids your work as you can enter a piece of dough every 3 seconds!

Cones and cups

You can purchase cones and cups of various sizes according to the required weight of your dough ball.


  • 1.

    Select and position the cone corresponding to the required weight (in g).

  • 2.

    Load the dough into the machine hopper (approx. 30 kg of unleavened dough).

  • 3.

    Begin dividing.

  • 4a

    When using the BM2AS model, the cut pieces are conveyed to a spiral cup in order to be rounded.

  • 4b

    When using the AST model, after selecting and positioning the cup corresponding to the weight of the ball, load the lumps of dough into the top opening and the rounded ball will appear ready to be collected. If necessary, repeat the final step in order to obtain the required roundness.

  • *

    Important: dividers and rounders will not work dough already leavened at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

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