FXID - RBID range

4 models with capacity ranging from 20 to 60 kg

How can our spiral mixers help you?

  • Greater convenience with the tilting head

    The tilting head offers improved dough control. Work and remove dough quickly and easily by lifting the head.

  • Facilitate your task

    Produce large amounts of dough without effort.

  • Quick

    The dough you want in just 15-20 minutes.

  • Constant temperature

    The machine will not overheat and the dough is at the right temperature for fermentation and leavening.

  • Ideal oxygen levels

    You obtain a really smooth dough whatever flour type and quantities you have chosen.

  • Stretchy dough

    Whatever your recipe and method, you obtain a silky smooth dough very time.

  • ID Mixers

    The models with 2 speeds are also available in the ID version for hydrated dough, more powerful and faster.

Extremely powerful and sturdy, these mixers feature a modern design and are a tireless and are the reliable right partner for your work. The blend of eye-catching and functional features meets all current safety regulations. They are fitted with timer to keep everything under control and offer 2 different speeds for faster dough preparation when required. Another feature worthy of note is the shape of the bowl safety guard because you can add ingredients with the mixer in operation giving you full control over the dough at all times.


FX fixed head, 3 models
RB tilting head, 1 model


As you are well aware, every pizza chef has his own dough and a special way of making it. Here we give you an idea of just how easy it is to work with our mixers, then you can use them as you wish according to your ingredients and chosen methods.

  • 01.

    Pour 50% of the flour into the mixer

  • 02.

    Add the yeast previously dissolved in a little water (5%) at approx. 38 °C.

  • 03.

    Pour the remaining 95% water at a temperature of 10-15 °C, assuming a room temperature of approx. 20 °C (reduce by 3-4 °C for higher room temperatures).

  • 04.

    After mixing for 3-4 minutes, add salt, the remaining 50% flour and the extra virgin olive oil.

  • 05.

    Remove the dough from the bowl, place on a worktop and cover with a damp cloth. The temperature of the dough should not exceed 24 °C.


Did you know that you can also use these machines for other types of dough? For example, using the appropriate quantities, you can prepare egg-based dough.

A guide to output

The following table shows the number of dough balls obtainable according to the weight (in g) of the pizza to be made and the model of the mixer utilised. (Values quoted are average and approximate only)

Ø = diameter ◼︎ = sheet

Mod. Ø 30 cm
Ø 35 cm
Ø 45 cm
 ◼︎60x40 cm
 20 Kg  100 80 30 16
30 Kg 150 120 46 25
40 Kg 200 160 61 33
60 Kg 300 240 92 50

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